Wishful Thinking Can Help You Journal Your Covid-19 Experience

Hello, Stay-At-Home Crafters!

We are all struggling during this pandemic; our lives have changed in just about every way imaginable. As a scrapbooker and recorder of family history, now is the time to document through pictures and words how you and your family are coping with it.

Scrapbook Customs has created a scrapbook kit that contains a collection of their new release called "Covid-19". With so many impacted by the virus with stay-at-home and quarantine orders, we have much to document about our lives during this time. The documenting of major events in our lives, traumatic or otherwise, can be both therapeutic and healing when we have endured so much.

Why is Scrapbook Customs selling Covid-19 products? They shared a few thoughts with us. They felt that they needed to provide these products to those people compelled to tell their story of how this is all affecting us. They referenced an Instagram post by @beckyhigginsllc, parts of which I've copied below. Becky Higgins shares her thoughts on why we should be documenting this pandemic for ourselves now, as well as our future generations. Scrapbook Customs informed us that they will be donating 5% from every Covid-19 product they sell. These donations will be going towards small businesses because they know how hard this crisis is affecting small mom and pop shops that make up so much of the economy.

The Covid-19 kits include: (12) double-sided 12x12 papers, (2) 6x8 sheets of stickers and (1) layered laser cut (3.75" x 3.5"). The price of one kit is $15.99. We are taking PRE-ORDERS now! Email me at wishful.thinking@att.net, or call us M-F 10:00am - 4:00pm at the shop (812) 988-7009 and we will reserve a kit for you. I will be placing my order on Thursday, April 23.

Stay safe, healthy and creative!

---Marlene Miller

Wishful Thinking
Nashville, IN

Here are some of Becky Higgins post:

"Obviously, we don't HAVE to document about what's going on in the world. But I would invite you to consider that doing so can provide you with a greater ability to make sense of what's happening.

I am here to testify that documenting can provide healing, and it is proven to be therapeutic. Journaling, picture taking, video making, scrapbooking..whatEVER kind of documenting you prefer, please consider doing SOMEthing during this time in the world when we're all being affected by the pandemic.

I encourage you to take pictures, grab screenshots, and write, write, write. No one can write about YOUR perspective on this except for you. This is YOUR opportunity to articulate how you are personallly affected by something that is know by the entire planet.

Keep it real. Write from your heart. Be honest. Be mindful about the way you choose to FRAME your story. Consider how your documentation is an opportunity to not only leave a piece of your heart on record, but an opportunity to leave a part of your legacy. You get to share with your children and grandchildren how challenging this is, and ALSO recognize the blessings you are able to see in the circumstance.

Having a hard time seeing the blessings right now? Well...now you're thinking about it. Keep thinking about it. Knowing you'll be writing about it means you'll be more AWARE that they ARE blessings all around, even in crisis. What are they? Write them down. Take those pictures. Document."

Covid-19 Kit
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