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Wishful Thinking was established in 2001, but after Marlene Miller took ownership in 2002, she quickly beefed up the stamping and scrapbook areas of the shop and introduced many exciting new distinctive gifts. Hobbyists will be delighted to find hundreds of stamps and supplies they just won't see in a typical chain store. Wishful Thinking is filled with samples and a knowledgeable staff that are sure to inspire enthusiastic crafters of all skill levels.

Marlene Miller and her cat, Rags, moved to Indiana from Eastern Pennsylvania in 1998 when her husband, Erich, transferred to Columbus. She and her husband enjoy riding their Virago motorcycles whenever they have a chance and the weather is nice. Marlene has been a scrapbook enthusiast for many years; often recording her many world travels in elaborate albums. Her move to Indiana sparked her interest in stamping. She also enjoys photography, reading, and traveling. Erich, a Michigan native, helps out at the shop on busy weekends and enjoys cars, traveling, and fixing things around the house.

On March 17, 2004, Marlene and Erich welcomed Karissa Anne into their family. Karissa is a happy little girl who enjoys being spoiled by her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Like many toddlers, Karissa loves to help mommy around the house and has her own ideas where things should go. Not only does she help with the housework, but she also likes to spend time with friends, play with her toys, and read her books. Karissa has also become a patient new subject for Marlene to photograph and to scrapbook.

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Wedding Scrapbook (Left)
Wedding Scrapbook (Right)

You'll find many samples at Wishful Thinking,
including many from the Miller's personal archives

Millers at Disney World

The Miller Family Visits Disney World
The Miller Family Vacation

The Miller Family

Karissa & Cinderella

Karissa Meets Cinderella

Karissa Plays in the Snow


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